Diogo Ribeiro, a freelancer from Porto

Hi 🙋‍♂️,

I'm Diogo, a freelance front-end developer working from Porto, nice to meet you!

About me 💁‍♂️

I studied Industrial Engineering at FEUP but after starting working decided to change path into tech. I'm a big hip-hop fan and during my free time, besides going out party, I also tend to game quite a lot!

Developer 🖥

As a front-end developer I can help you bring your design's to life on the web!

For my previous works I helped out bring to life Expresso Viagens and helped Made in Alpha with some of their projects.

I'm currently developing digital products with a group of Freelancers at Zeta Zone. You can get in touch with me personally, but if you need a team to work with you can request a quote by sending and email to our studio.

Side projects 🤹‍♂️

Since 2017, I've been also quite pulled towards cryptocurrencies and I'm participating on this new revolution as an investor and as a miner. I can also help with any related mining queries or troubleshooting.

As an old school gamer, I'm also trying to add value to Portuguese Esports scene with The Agency Clan, which I'm a board member.

Social media 📱

You can check some of my work on Github, connect professionally over Linkedin or follow my thoughts on Twitter!